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Sagging skin is an often unavoidable characteristic that comes from weight loss or general aging. While poor skin elasticity is common, it is still considered unsightly. Those who have experienced dramatic weight loss are frequently frustrated by sagging skin, especially considered that they have already worked a long period of time to make their bodies look better.

Multiple solutions have been developed to remedy the problem of sagging skin. The most natural method to combat loose skin is to gain muscle; however, for those who have had larger amounts of weight lost, even muscle gain cannot accommodate for excess skin. Some believe compression garments aid in diminishing loose skin after dramatic weight loss, but many plastic surgeons argue that this will do nothing to get rid of the excess skin. In fact, the most popular method for eliminating saggy skin is plastic surgery, which, while effective, is costly.

What is Nutrient Body Sculpting?

The nutrient-body-sculpting is a unique program in which clients not only tighten skin, but also permanently lose inches on all parts of the body. A convenient and healthy go-to for celebrities in Hollywood, this system is noninvasive and cheaper than plastic surgery. Twelve sessions is equivalent to one liposuction. Used in tandem with a healthy diet and exercise regimen, clients lose inches and maintain the elasticity in their skin so that no excess skin develops as they lose weight.

What is Slimmer Silhouette® Body Sculpting?

The Slimmer Silhouette® Body Sculpting System is the perfect way to contour the body while diminishing cellulite, improving circulation and nourishing the body with the essential minerals the system provides.

The following are some before and after pictures of clients after multiple sessions with the Nutrient Body Sculpt® Sculpting System:

Body Sculpting Before & After

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