Weight Loss Foods

Inch LossElite HCG Protein Shake

Affirm’s provided HCG protein shake works as an excellent protein source for one’s snack or meal. Containing only 55 calories while still containing 8 grams of protein, with only 3 grams of carbohydrates and 3 grams of sugar, the Elite HCG Protein Shake also comes infused with key vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy lifestyle. This protein shake has HCG in its name because it meets the low-calorie standards of the HCG diet, however it can be used by anyone desiring a healthy, high-protein option for their own weight loss journey. Available in delicious vanilla, berry and chocolate flavors.

OSTRIM Meat and Jerky Sticks

OSTRIM sticks are great-tasting, moist, natural protein sources that are also extraordinarily low in fat. Affirm staff members can attest to the great taste of these products. Containing two whole servings of protein, OSTRIM high-protein meat sticks are USDA-inspected, guaranteeing you a true and correct nutritional profile of quality and wholesomeness. OSTRIM sticks are also good sources of potassium and iron. Available in many delicious flavors like teriyaki, applewood and barbecue.

SimplyProtein Snacks

In looking for the perfect protein bar for our customers, Affirm came across SimplyProtein, a company which has developed bars and other snacks that are low in sugar, with a low glycemic index, all natural ingredients and no artificial sugars. While most protein bars are dense and heavy, SimplyProtein snacks are light and crunchy. High in protein and fiber, SimplyProtein bars and snacks are proven to keep one full for up to 3 hours.

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