Hormone ReplacementHormone imbalances

can be caused by a variety of lifestyle and environmental factors. Some factors are within our control: inconsistent sleep patterns, a poor diet and lack of exercise all contribute to hormone imbalances. However, hormone levels are frequently affected by factors out of one’s control, including endocrine disruptors found in everyday manmade materials and natural hormonal changes caused by the onset of aging. Hormonal imbalances can be responsible for one’s weight gain, foggy thinking, fatigue and emotional disturbances, among other symptoms.

Some struggling with hormone imbalances try to naturally balance their hormones by taking dietary supplements, changing their diet and sleep cycle, and avoiding environmental endocrine disruptors such as those found in plastics. Others find over-the-counter hormone creams and pills to supplement their suspected deficiency, or go to a physician who can prescribe oral or injectable synthetic hormones, which are usually ready-made prescriptions used by many patients despite their individual, varied hormonal problems.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a unique solution to hormone imbalances because the prescriptions are developed specifically for the patient. Using regularly-scheduled lab work, Affirm Medical Weight Loss & Healthy Aging diagnoses and treats each patient’s individual hormone deficiencies. Naturally-synthesized hormones chemically identical to the hormones of the human body are compounded into a prescription used to combat hormone imbalances so that patients can feel better and work better as they go about their daily lives.

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