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THERE IS A POPULAR PHRASE THAT SAYS  “Great bodies are made in the kitchen, not the gym.” This saying is largely true. Overeating is perhaps the most common reason for weight gain, and there are several reasons why one may overeat.

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Many people cope with stress, fatigue and other emotional and environmental factors by overeating, which can lead to eating more calories than your body needs. After a period of time, one’s body adjusts to the extra calories consumed and starts to get hungry even after consuming the recommended daily intake, thereby leading to a constant cycle of overeating.

How do I combat overeating?

There are multiple ways to combat overeating. Following a strict regimental diet in which one consumes less calories is a popular go-to when one wants to lose weight. There are other suggestions to prevent overeating, including eating food slowly, choosing nutritious foods to keep your body more consistently satisfied, and carefully measuring portion size. When self regulation does not work on its own, some invest in surgical procedures such as gastric bypass or lapband surgeries to physically change the amount their body requires to feel full.

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What are Appetite Suppressants?

Fortunately, there is a medical solution for those who find it difficult to fight hunger on their own, yet cannot afford expensive surgeries. Prescription appetite suppressants, which include phentermine, topiramate and name brand prescriptions, are an affordable and effective form of medical weight loss.

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Said prescriptions are meant to curb morning and evening hunger, thereby reducing daily caloric intake. Used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise, appetite suppressants are an effective means of losing weight.

Many people who have come to Affirm Health Center have experienced real results through our carefully-regulated prescription appetite suppressant program. Give us a call today to see if prescription appetite suppressants would be the perfect solution for you!

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