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Who Is A Candidate For BodyFX Or MiniFX Body Contouring?

Anyone is a great candidate for BodyFX on larger areas such as the abdomen and MiniFX on smaller areas such as the face and neck. That’s because just about every one of us, no matter what kind of shape we’re in, has pockets of stubborn fat here or there that are virtually impervious to changes in diet and exercise.

What Are The Benefits Of Non-Invasive Contoura Body Contouring?

BodyFX and MiniFX deliver a host of benefits along with their RF energy:

  • Provides effective body contouring that is an alternative to surgical liposuction
  • Reduces the patient’s circumferential dimensions
  • Skin temperature is measured constantly to achieve and maintain optimal temperature end points for maximum fat destruction
  • Skin temperature cut-off ensures continual regulation of temperature for total safety and comfort
  • Applicator allows treatment of all types of areas
  • There is no downtime
  • The heating initiates a wound response in the dermis layer of the skin, which increases collagen production, firming the skin
  • Improves the appearance of cellulite

How Long Does A Contoura Session Take?

The length of your BodyFX or MiniFX session will depend on the area you’re having treated. A single area with BodyFX or MiniFX takes between 15-30 minutes. We can treat three or four different areas in a single session.

How Many BodyFX Or MiniFX Treatments Will I Need?

At Affirm Health Center, we’ve found a series of eight treatments is about the right number for the amount of fat reduction and skin tightening our patients seek. These treatments need to be spaced between four and eight weeks apart to allow the body to fully dispose of the destroyed fat cells and build new collagen to tighten the skin.

Is There Downtime After A Contoura Body Contouring Treatment?

There isn’t any recovery or downtime after a BodyFX or MiniFX session. As mentioned above, the treatment area will likely be red for a couple hours. More sensitive areas may be a little tender. But none of this precludes our patients from returning to work or other normal activities immediately after their treatment.

How Long Will It Be Before I See My Results After Contoura Body Contouring?

The fat cells destroyed by the BodyFX and MiniFX radiofrequency energy are permanently eliminated, but it takes some time for the body to dispose of them. You’ll notice a difference in your skin tightening immediately after your session, and this will also improve as the body produces new collagen in response to the heating in the dermis and fat layers. As the body flushes more and more dead fat cells from the system, you’ll continue to see your contour improve. These improvements reach their peak at from 2-4 months, but they can continue for 6 months or longer.

How Long Will My Contoura Body Contouring Results Last?

The fat reduction created by BodyFX and MiniFX radiofrequency energy is gone for good. If you maintain a healthy weight, you should continue to enjoy your results from this decrease. The skin tightening aspect of these treatments through new collagen production is also permanent, but there is a caveat — your body continues to produce less and less collagen and elastin every year as you age. This means that, after a year or so, your skin’s collagen reduction will overcome the increase triggered with Contoura body contouring. Maintenance procedures moving forward can help keep pace with the decline.

Is A BodyFX Or MiniFX Treatment Painful?

Patients do not find these treatments painful at all. You’ll feel a slight pulling sensation as the tissue is drawn up and then a warming sensation. The applicator is then moved to the next spot and the RF energy is delivered. This is repeated across the treatment areas.

What Are The Risks Involved With These Contoura Body Contouring Treatments?

These treatments across the body are completely non-invasive. Our patients from Springfield and the surrounding areas typically will have some redness and warmth across the treated areas immediately after their session. This sensation resolves within a few hours. There aren’t any real risks otherwise.

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