Cellulite Reduction Therapy

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Cellulite is a dermatological condition in which skin appears dimpled and lumpy. This appearance is usually concentrated on the thighs and buttocks. Roughly 80 to 90% of post-adolescent females suffer from cellulite, yet the causes of cellulite are not well defined. Some evidence points to hormonal changes and genetics while other evidence points to lifestyle choices such as a lack of proper hydration, smoking, or a high-stress environment.

Any female, regardless of weight, can have cellulite, indicating that it is not a matter of obesity, but rather an aesthetical problem that is not easily within one's control. A variety of therapies have been developed to try to solve the problem of cellulite. Weight loss has been the main suggestion for those suffering from cellulite, however it does not appear to completely solve the issue considering women, no matter their weight, appear to have it. Liposuction is another option but is often costly and, while shaping the body, can actually make the appearance of cellulite worse. Systems that use lasers and radio frequencies are also a popular and successful means of effectively reducing cellulite; however, like liposuction, the treatments are also costly. Alternative medicinal methods, such as cellulite massage and mesotherapy, usually have minimal results. Affirm Medical Weight Loss provides a prescription for a potent aminophylline cream that can reduce the appearance of cellulite with consistent daily application. Aminophylline acts as a topical diuretic, flushing the excess water found in fatty deposits under the skin, which are responsible for cellulite’s dimpled appearance. This thereby reduces the size of the fatty cells, returning skin to a tighter, more youthful condition, leaving the client happier about her body.

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