Weight LossWeight gain is often perpetuated

by a number of factors. Overeating, stress, hormonal changes and a sedentary lifestyle are all distinct contributors in weight gain. It is difficult to lose excess weight quickly once it is acquired, and often after a fast and dramatic weight loss, excess weight is quickly regained.

People resort to a number of ways to quickly lose the weight they have gained. A jarring switch to a very low calorie diet is common. Popular detox diets flush out retained water in addition to this low-calorie switch. Some opt for a trend diet in which a normal dietary staple, such as carbohydrates, is removed. Coupled with these diets is often a dramatic change in daily exercise, switching from no exercise to exercise the body is not currently used to.

Affirm Medical Weight Loss & Healthy Aging is proud to provide the HCG diet and weight loss program to its clientele. The HCG protocol has been around for sixty years and has successfully helped many quickly lose weight and maintain their lost weight by cutting fat without losing muscle mass. A healthy, low-calorie diet with light exercise is prescribed while HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) curbs feelings of hunger and targets fat as an energy source. While on the program, the patient can visit the clinic for regular supervision and also contact the clinic for questions at no charge. Under Affirm’s care on the HCG program, patients have lost over 30 pounds in a month and have successfully kept their new weight after completing the program. Call us today to see if the HCG program is the right solution for you!

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