We are just excited as you are about you starting your weight loss journey! However, your choice to start the HCG diet requires you to carefully adhere to the following plan. We cannot help you if you eat foods that are not on the diet. Please read the protocol at least twice prior to the start of the program and understand that you may not add or take away from the foods that are listed. Different versions or other HCG diets may not be the same and do not coincide with our plan. For the most part, if a food is not on the list, it should not be used with our diet plan.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


  1. HCG must be refrigerated at all times. This includes while traveling. An easy way to keep your HCG cool while traveling is to place it in a foam cup with ice and a lid.
  2. While on the diet, you should take a multivitamin that does not contain vitamin E. Most multivitamins contain vitamin E, so we highly recommend our in-store multivitamin, which is designed to work with the HCG diet.
  3. DO NOT take omega-3 (fish oil), flaxseed oil, or any other oils because these compete with your fat stores for the HCG. This includes the oils in found in makeup and lotions. These are absorbed through the skin and will have the same effect on the HCG as oils consumed orally.
  4. To administer HCG injections:
  1. Using a fresh insulin syringe every day, draw 12.5 units of HCG.
  2. Inject at a 45-90 degree angle into fatty tissue (most people use belly, upper thigh, upper arm, or hip) once daily.
  1. To use HCG nasal spray:
  1. Using your hand, squirt one spray into each nostril once daily.
  2. In order to avoid complications, the tip of the sprayer should point up and out (toward the corner of the eye).
  1. Day 1 of the diet starts with the first dose of HCG.
  2. Days 1 and 2 are your fat-loading days.
  3. Day 3 is the start of your diet.
  4. When you reach your goal weight, follow the instructions in the section titled “How to End the Diet.” It is essential to use our maintenance guidelines to keep your weight from returning.

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