What is Phase 1 of the HCG Diet?

Also known as the Loading Phase, this is the beginning of your weight loss and body sculpting journey with HCG. It begins with a two day period of eating as many calorie dense foods as you can consume. Foods high in fat and carbohydrates are excellent sources to start off the loading phase. You’ll want to think about fried foods, desserts, breads, and starches.

The goal is to eat as much as you can to build up and max out your fat stores. At the start of each day, you will take your HCG injection directed and continue to eat all day long. It’s important to keep your appetite satisfied and full. Far from being contradictory to your weight loss goals, it’s actually an extremely beneficial step to ensure fat loss throughout the entire HCG therapy program.

The overload of calorie dense foods that are consumed over the two days signals to the hypothalamus to release and trigger the hormones that are needed to stimulate weight loss. Starting off with abounding glycogen stores allows the brain to calculate high and intense levels of hormones needed to maximize the release of fat deposits, the burning of fat in hard-to-lose areas, and to increase the metabolic rate right from the get-go. This ensures that you’re getting maximum weight loss results without tapering off at the end. This step is an important measure to ensure that weight loss continues throughout the entire HCG diet program.

Important: Do not skip or skimp on the HCG Diet phase 1! It’s extremely important to consume mass calories to boost hypothalamus activity, hormone release, and metabolic intensity. By not carrying out this step to consume calorie dense foods, you will have poor weight loss results, weight loss plateau, and extreme hunger. Just eat up, enjoy, and watch the pounds melt right off!

Questions About Phase 1 of the HCG Diet

Below are common questions and concerns that many people have before starting the loading phase.

  1. What foods should I eat during the loading phase?
  2. High fat and high carbohydrate foods are recommended as the best calorie dense options to consume. Here’s a list of some ideas of foods you can include in your two day loading phase:
  • Rich dressings e.g. Hollandaise sauce, mayonnaise
  • Fried meats e.g. chicken, pork
  • Meats e.g. bacon, pork ribs, beef franks, hamburger, sausage
  • Cheese, butter, cream cheese, heavy cream, milk shakes
  • Avocados, guacamole, nuts
  • Starches: potatoes (mashed with gravy), potato chips, white rice
  • Breads: bagels, burger/hot dog buns
  • Sweets: pastries, cheesecake, ice-cream
  1. I’ve been sick recently, when should I start the HCG diet?
  2. If you are sick before you started the loading phase, it’s always best (and recommended) that you wait until you are fully recovered to start the HCG diet. You want all of the body’s resources to be focused on your weight loss and body sculpting goals to achieve the best results possible while you’re as healthy as can be.
  3. I am a guy. Is the HCG diet safe for men?
  4. Yes! The HCG diet is suitable for both men and women. In fact, HCG has positive effects on testosterone, and many men notice additional benefits from the boost in its production whilst taking HCG.
  5. Can my menstrual cycle interfere with starting the loading phase?
  6. Yes. Due to hormone fluctuations, it’s recommended that you start the loading phase no later than five days prior to the start of your next cycle, and no sooner than two days after it begins.
  7. When exactly do I start taking the HCG injections or HCG drops?
  8. Day one of the loading phase is the start of your HCG therapy. Take your injections as you’ve been directed in the morning of the first day of the loading phase. This allows for the HCG to get into your system by the time the loading phase is over and the low calorie diet phase begins.
  9. Why do I need to overeat? Can’t I just eat how I normally do?
  10. The purpose of eating as many calories as you can is to fill up glycogen storage to indicate to the brain that all fat storage cells are ready to be burned up. Starting off strong allows the metabolism to keep a high intensity and an increased rate of fat burning right through the entire HCG diet. It’s stressed to eat a lot during the loading phase despite your typical eating habits to enable an easier transition to the low calorie diet phase and to reduce negative side effects.
  11. How do I number the days of the diet, and when do I start day one?
  12. Day one of the entire HCG diet is day one of the loading phase. The very first day you take your HCG dosage is the first day of the diet. This will be the first day of the loading phase.
  13. I forgot to take my HCG dosage on my loading days. Should I start again?
  14. Yes. To achieve maximum weight loss results, it’s encouraged to follow the HCG diet protocol as directed. The HCG needs a couple days to get into your system to interact with the brain and metabolism to efficiently begin burning off glycogen stores. You’ll still lose weight if you continue this round, but weight loss results won’t be as effective. Wait one week, and then start again with taking your HCG dose as directed on the first day of the loading phase.
  15. I gained weight during the loading phase, is this normal?
  16. Yes. You can expect to see an additional two to five pounds during the loading phase. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this step is necessary to boost maximum weight loss. It’s typical to see the weight gained plus additional pounds lost during the first week of the low calorie diet phase.
  17. I lost weight during the loading days. Did I still do it right?
  18. If you ate sufficient carbohydrates and followed HCG diet loading phase protocol, then you could be part of the small percentage of people that tend to lose weight during this phase. It doesn’t happen often, but as long as you overloaded during this phase, just continue with the diet making sure you adhere strictly to the diet protocol to achieve optimal results.
  19. How long will it take for the HCG to start working?
  20. It takes approximately two to three days for HCG to integrate into your system. At the start of the loading phase, you will be introducing HCG to your body. By the time you start the low calorie diet phase, HCG should be triggering the release of enough hormones to let go of and burn abnormal and excess fat tissue.
  21. What if I don’t eat enough during the loading days?
  22. Loading properly ensures you set yourself up for maximum weight loss results throughout the entire HCG diet. If you don’t load enough on calorie dense foods in the first two days, you will suffer side effects such as hunger, irritability, nausea, and weakness while you miss out on the feelings of euphoria that HCG supplies during the first week of the low calorie diet phase. Don’t skimp during the loading phase.
  23. I’m having trouble eating more than usual on my loading days. What can I do?
  24. Eat often. Eating consistently or every couple of hours helps you to consume more calories to add to your glycogen stores. Also, think about consuming foods that you either really enjoy or don’t allow yourself to eat very often. Pizza, ice-cream, pasta, fried foods, and pastries are all big no-no’s during the diet. Perhaps looking forward to eating some of these taboo foods during the loading phase might help your calorie intake.
  25. How will I feel after the loading days?
  26. Due to the overeating of high calorie foods, you’ll probably be feeling extremely bloated and full. By correctly loading, this feeling of being satiated should last you the entire diet. Loading up on the loading days will help you to transition to the 800 calorie diet plan much easier without negative side effects or symptoms. You should be feeling euphoric, full, energetic, and excited to see the pounds come off.
  27. Will the loading phase interfere with my diabetes?
  28. Diabetics can participate in the HCG diet and the HCG loading phase and have very successful weight loss results. They will need to monitor their blood sugars carefully, and may need to adjust medications appropriately. Discussing these concerns with your HCG provider is always advised.
  29. Can I have an alcoholic drink during the loading phase?
  30. Yes, it’s fine to have a beer or a margarita during the loading phase. However, the main focus is on eating high fat and high carbohydrate foods to restock your fat reserves.
  31. Will quitting alcohol interfere with the loading phase of the HCG diet?
  32. Quitting alcohol at the same time as attempting the HCG diet is not recommended. If your intention is to quit alcohol altogether, it’s best to do this and be fully recovered before starting the HCG diet. It can interfere with your loading days since withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headaches, etc. can prevent you from loading correctly for successful weight loss results and endurance during the diet.
  33. When do I start weighing myself?
  34. Start immediately on day one of the loading phase. It’s also recommended to take before photos to encourage motivation and to compare to the after photos to see your weight loss and progress.
  35. Can I work out and exercise during the HCG diet and loading days?

A. Exercise isn’t required to lose weight while on the HCG diet, but it is encouraged. As long as you’re healthy and have no underlying medical conditions, light exercises and low-impact workouts are okay during the loading days. If you weren’t physically active before doing the HCG diet, it could help you to transition to more high impact exercise during the maintenance phase. This could help to continue and control weight loss.

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