Supplemental Weight Loss

Weight loss supplements are a popular, safe and effective way for one to lose weight. By merely supplying the body with the nutritive benefits of Affirm Medical Weight Loss’s supplements, hunger is decreased while boosting metabolism.

Weight Loss

Garcinia Cambogia 95% HCA

Extract from the Garcinia cambogia plant is popularly used for weight loss with proven results. The primary component of Garcinia’s effectiveness is its large percentage of HCA, which studies have shown to enhance lipid metabolism. While most Garcinia supplements contain 60% or less, our supplements contain 85% HCA, promising a more effective weight loss.

Slim Down Patch

The Slim Down patch is a great and unique way for people to utilize the effects of Slim Down tablets without having to ingest it twice a day. A patch is placed on the upper body once daily to experience the effects of Slim Down’s special weight loss blend.

Slim Down Tablets

Using a proprietary blend of hoodia gordoni extract, green tea extracts and focus vesiculosus, Slim Down tablets are specifically designed to combat appetite, fight fatigue and regulate low blood sugar.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones, natural aroma compounds found in red raspberries, are effective in combating obesity and can also increase lean body mass. Commonly found on the market for weight loss, they are popularly used for their metabolism-inducing properties.

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