Hard to Spell. Hard on Frown Lines. Meet Xeomin

istock 994810846 1 Botox is the rock star of the aesthetic world. Celebrities and millions of others around the globe are Botox believers. But some people have a reaction to the extra proteins found in Botox. For those patients, at Affirm Health Center we also offer Xeomin. 

Xeomin is a neuromodulator, like Botox, made from the botulinum toxin type A. Xeomin, however, is made from nothing other than the botulinum toxin. 

What is Xeomin? 

Like Botox, Xeomin works by temporarily stopping muscles from contracting. Xeomin first came on the medical scene in August 2010 when the FDA approved the injectable for treating two conditions: cervical dystonia (severe contraction of neck muscles) and blepharospasm (eyelid spasms). A year later, the FDA approved Xeomin for the treatment of glabellar lines, those moderate to severe frown lines that show up between the eyebrows. You may have heard them called the “dreaded 11s.” 

How does Xeomin stop wrinkles? 

The mechanism that makes Xeomin stop the formation of wrinkles is the same as that of Botox. When the botulinum toxin type A is injected into a muscle, it blocks the messages from the nerves in the muscle to the brain. Messages to contract the muscle never reach the brain, so the muscle doesn’t contract; it is temporarily paralyzed. 

What does this have to do with wrinkles? Certain wrinkles, called dynamic wrinkles, form on the top third of the face when we make common expressions such as frowning and squinting. These wrinkles are the result of muscle contractions under the skin, forming the wrinkle on the surface skin above. By temporarily paralyzing the muscle that creates the wrinkle, Xeomin (and the other neuromodulators) stops the wrinkle from forming. 

Where can I use Xeomin? 

Xeomin addresses dynamic wrinkles. These wrinkles are the domain of the expressive area of the face, the top third. So, crow’s feet, forehead lines, the 11s — these are the targets for Xeomin. 

What’s the difference between Xeomin and Botox? 

Botox has some additional proteins in its formula to which certain people develop reactions. Xeomin does not have these extra proteins; it is pure botulinum toxin. Some people call Xeomin “the naked injectable” for this reason. People who have had a reaction to Botox may not have one with Xeomin. 

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