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How are your Hormones Doing?

Our hormones are silent workhorses in our bodies. They act as chemical messengers, and they have a hand in coordinating everything from our body weight to moods to our sex drive. As we age, we invariably have a decline in hormone production. This is especially true for women exiting menopause. Yes, you can blame those …

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Prescription Weight Loss

Do people gain weight from a lack of exercise? Or do they gain weight simply from eating too much? It’s typically the latter. Food, obviously, plays a significant role in our daily lives. But more than simply eating for energy to fuel our daily activity, many people eat for other reasons. Some use food to …

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March Science Fiction and Fantasy Expo – Tips To Get A Excellent Experience At Your Very First Conference

March sciencefiction and Fantasy Expo are an global science fiction and fantasy tradition that happen annually in Orlando, Florida It is the the best location for fans to find information about convention and supporting dealings. If you are a writer, this could be an excellent chance to meet up authors and authors of both fantasy …

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General Chemistry Topics And The right way to Measure Them

Some on the greatest science shows on tv, for instance National Geographic, all possess a chemistry consultant to assist using the chemistry readings that they require for each and every episode. This could allow you to understand additional about the element that is going to become present in the mixture that you’re working with. Chemistry …

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Affirm is Now Offering Exams!

Now that many of our clients have had a chance to meet Laura, we will be introducing some new services. These services include: General Wellness Exams: Preventative visits by your provider can help you stay healthy and discover problems early. DOT Physicals: Federal law requires drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) to receive regular physical examinations. DOT physicals are designed to detect physical, mental, …

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FITT Focus

Affirm is proud to introduce the FITT Focus Class! Come join us for a fun, FITT experience! These classes will incorporate new and creative ways to maintain a healthy, FITT lifestyle. Taught by Wendy Hernandez, Affirm’s FITT director and exercise science professional, along with Mark Wilcox, certified physical fitness instructor. No need to bring anything …

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2-Day Dynamic Duo Blow-Out

Glutathione and LB12 are two injections that promote weight loss while boosting energy levels. These effects are amplified even further when used together! That’s where the name “Dynamic Duo” comes from. But sign up for an appointment either Februrary 20th or 21st, and get one round of both injections – completely free!

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