Affirm Medical Weight Loss is proud to introduce a new addition to our family of weight loss programs: Glutathione Injections!

Glutathione is a tripeptide formed from the essential amino acids cysteine, glutamate and glycine. Completely natural, produced and used by every cell in the human body, and often referred to as the “mother of all antioxidants,” it helps defend the body from cell damage and clears wrinkles and blemishes to keep your skin looking young.

Not only that, but Gluthathione is a key part of proper liver function, meaning that proper levels helps your liver burn fat more efficiently! And once you start losing fat, it helps prevent the body from reabsorbing the toxins fat releases when it’s broken down.

Sadly, Glutathione production decreases as much as ten percent per decade as we age, meaning that many don’t get the amount their body needs. In fact, poor levels have been linked to every major aging process in the human body!

But you’re not powerless. There’s a way to help your body age gracefully.

Drop by our clinic, and you can find out if Glutathione injections are right for you!

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