Our Short-Term Fitness Program and the MOTS-c Peptide

istock 1180621407 1 In this month’s first blog, we talked about our new Long-Term Fitness Program at Affirm and the addition of the AOD-9604 peptide to help our patients speed weight loss and the building of new muscle. That is a three-month program.

In this second blog, let’s discuss our other Accelerated Fitness Program. It is our Short-Term Fitness Program, and it requires only a one-month commitment. The Short-Term Fitness Program includes the MOTS-c peptide in conjunction with nutritional guidance to accelerate weight loss, specifically the breakdown of fat. We use the MOTS-c peptide for this program as it delivers faster results than the AOD-9604 peptide we use for our three-month program.

What is the MOTS-c peptide?

MOTS-c is a mitochondrial-derived peptide described as a bioactive 16 amino acid peptide. This peptide is detected in circulation, so it is classified as a mitochondrial or metabolic hormone. It primarily targets fat and skeletal muscle. This makes MOTS-c a perfect addition to our Accelerated Fitness Program at Affirm.

What are the benefits of the MOTS-c peptide?

Research done on this peptide has shown beneficial effects in reducing diabetes and obesity while also enhancing performance and longevity. Why does this happen? MOTS-c assists proper mitochondrial function, and the mitochondria are the energy center of every cell in the human body. Research has shown that MOTS-c is an exercise-mimetic peptide, meaning it makes the body think it is exercising even when it is not.

These are the benefits of MOTS-c:

  • Regulates mitochondrial energy
  • Promotes the metabolism of fatty acid in the liver
  • Promotes metabolic homeostasis
  • Improves glucose regulation
  • Aids in the resistance of metabolic stress
  • Protects against insulin resistance
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Improves physical performance

How does the MOTS-c peptide boost metabolism?

Functional metabolism is fueled by adequate glucose and insulin regulation, optimal mitochondrial function, and proper energy usage. Insulin production regulates whether or not the body uses glucose as energy or stores it as fat. Research indicates that the mitochondria are actively involved in metabolic homeostasis at the cellular level. MOTS-c works to reduce insulin resistance, helping the body use carbohydrates more efficiently.

Do you need help trying to achieve your weight-loss goals? Call us at Affirm Health Center, (417) 823-3901, and ask about our Accelerated Fitness Programs.

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