Body Contouring without Any Incisions

We all want a slimmer contour to our figure, but most of us aren’t interested in having surgery to do so. For our Affirm Health Center patients, we offer BodyFX and MiniFX to do just that. This body contouring system by Contoura uses radiofrequency energy to reduce fat and tighten the skin above. What a great combination!

Here’s how they work.

The secret is in the energy

Both BodyFX and MiniFX use radiofrequency energy delivered down through the epidermis into the dermis layer of the skin. Both BodyFX and MiniFX use the same energy source, but MiniFX uses a smaller handpiece so it can be used on smaller areas such as the arm, neck, and knees.

The handpieces are placed onto the target area, and suction draws up the skin between two small flanges on the handpiece. Bi-polar radiofrequency energy is then passed between the two pieces, crossing through the skin. The final step is ultrashort pulse of higher-level RF energy between the two small panels. The suction then releases the skin, and the applicator is moved to the next spot. This is repeated in a stamping pattern across the treatment areas.

The way these Contoura treatments work is twofold. First, the radiofrequency energy raises the temperature in the dermis layer and the underlying fat layer. This causes the destruction of around 20 percent of the fat cells.

The second aspect is what makes BodyFX and MiniFX different. When the RF energy creates heating in the dermis layer of the skin, the skin thinks there has been a wound. It initiates a wound-healing response, which is the instant remodeling of existing collagen in the area of the perceived “wound” (even though there hasn’t been any actual injury at all) and the production of new amounts of collagen to heal the “wound.” Because collagen provides the skin’s structural framework in the dermis layer, this tightens and firms the skin across the treatment area.

The combination of fat reduction and skin tightening is perfect for slimming the contour.

What are the benefits of non-invasive BodyFX and MiniFX body contouring?

These body contouring treatments deliver a host of benefits along with its RF energy:

  • Effective body contouring as an alternative to surgical liposuction
  • Reduces the patient’s circumferential dimensions
  • Skin temperature is measured constantly to achieve and maintain optimal temperature end points for maximum fat destruction
  • Skin temperature cut-off ensures continual regulation of temperature for total safety and comfort
  • Applicator allows treatment of all types of areas
  • There is no downtime
  • The heating initiates a wound response in the dermis layer of the skin, which increases collagen production, firming the skin
  • Improves the appearance of cellulite

Interested in slimming your contours at Affirm? Call us at (417) 823-3901 to schedule a consultation.

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